The lure of the savage beauty of the deep sea waters and game plains of South Africa attract the serious anglers and hunters from around the world. Hundreds of these people from all over Europe and the United States make the pilgrimage to Kwa-Zulu Natal each year to get in on the areas rich Fishing and Hunting grounds. When you think of Marlin Fishing your mind automatically drives to the great offshore locations of Kenya or Mozambique. Before you jet off, Marlin Fishing has had a renaissance right here off the shores of Ballito , we are privalaged to have massive canyons ranging from 230m and dropping of the chart!  These majestic fish are something of a Holy Grail for sports fisherman.

There has been a significant spike in Marlin Fishing occurring off the North Coast of South Africa. In 2010 there were a number of records broken with boats landing 5 to 6 Marlin a day! The Marlin season is predominantly from the latter part of the year, mainly November to January for the stripped Marlin species. From January to April for the Black and Blue Marlin Specie. All the Big Game Fishing peaks in January February and March with Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Dorrado, Barracuda and Tuna showing up in good numbers, with the water colour a deep purple blue and warm water temperatures ranging from 24 to 26 Degrees.

We only use the very best big game rods and reels as well as the the lures such as Black Bart , Fathom and Pulsator. All boasted many record fish Marlin and Big Game Fishing is not for the faint hearted, the deep burning sensation in your arms and the overwhelming excitement of a Marlin tail-walking and grey hounding or a big Tuna appearing from the depths can make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up and your skin tingle. Preferring surface water depths, they’re one of the fastest fish in the ocean, clocking up to 90 km per hour. The speed at which they can take line off the reel is mind blowing! The excitement begins here!!

Cost of a Marlin Charter per day Operating out of Ballito or Durban R12000 (4 people is very comfortable , 6 is Max)

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